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E-commerce has broken the traditional norms of how people buy and sell products. These websites have taken over the world making the lives of people in the retail business easier and hassle-free. The convenience of shopping from home and free home delivery are just some of the aspects that make e-commerce websites widely popular.Innovative_ProductsBut in this rapidly changing technological era, the concept of e-commerce websites is gradually becoming obsolete. E-commerce has given rise to a new concept that allows buyers and sellers pre-book the innovative products before it is made available in the market. The concept is known as pre-commerce around the world.

Pre-commerce websites are the future of e-commerce websites. Although the trend of this concept is little late in India, but the good news is that it is catching up quickly. The concept of pre-commerce, also known as pre-sales, allows the start-ups or innovator come in contact with the customers directly and gets pre-bookings. ShoppingJinni, the pioneer of pre-sales site in India is acting as the latest innovative product launchpad for start-ups and innovators. By providing a common platform for interaction between the consumer and producer, pre-commerce facilitates a large pool of people to participate in the idea generation process for a new product. It considerably reduces the amount of investment for start-ups or innovators and also endorses the sellers to initiate ground research for the launch of a new product.

ShoppingJinni’s performance is impressive and basically powered by the ‘Made in India’ movement launched by the nation’s Prime Minister. We allow young entrepreneurs from around the country to come together and sell their innovative products which might also become brand in future. These innovative launches are soon to be the driving force of the Indian economy.

In the coming years, ShoppingJinni is expected to conduct billions of dollars’ worth of sales in India creating job opportunities for millions of individuals. In India, we have taken upon itself, a task to provide a large platform for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas with its Launchpad program. We expect that we will grow at a fast pace and the people associated with us will also move ahead. So, join our movement just by filling up the Register Form. For more details about us or our policies please write to us.



Explore The Most Favourite Online Shopping Site In India

Want to sell your unique innovation? Try us! Whenever you think of an online shopping site in India where an assortment of unique and innovative products are easily available then think of ShoppingJinni! The delight of selling and shopping unusual products is only with us. On an everyday basis, we receive hundreds of queries and orders from people who have a deep interest in buying and owning products that are fancy in design and features. And we truly appreciate that people are showing interest in innovative products that are ‘Made in India’. We are trying our best to ensure that innovators or creative minds come to our website and exhibit their innovations in front of the world.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ShoppingJinni is no less than a community of innovative minds where people share creative ideas. And the sheer simplicity to register and sell products at attractive price is turning us to a sizeable-store. For sellers, the good news is that people are keen to see your unique creations.

We are a launch pad! Yes, with us, you can launch your unique products and connect your creation to millions of people who are keen to buy them. So, Register with us now and come closer to the world!

If you are on a shopping spree then browse our categories and find stunning innovations! Among the variety of unique products available with us, you will surely fall in love with our electronic products. The exclusive assemblage of innovative electronic products has made us one of the best online shopping sites for electronics. Some of our unique collection are Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Ematic HD Touch Screen with FM Radio HDMI Out Voice Recorder that are not easily accessible in the other e-commerce sites.

ShoppingJinni makes every effort to bring new ideas to our customers. We also try to reach and encourage creative minds to come and join us in this concurrence. We have developed ourselves in all these years and happy to state that we have made our services and customer experience better based on the insights. ShoppingJinni is making every effort to be the India’s best ecommerce site where you could find innovative products. And when you keep coming back we are really encouraged to do better your experience in ShoppingJinni.

Things to consider while buying laptops and computers online


It is always wise to do some research before shopping online whether it is some apparel or an electronic device like a laptop or a desktop as it will keep you abreast with the general trends prevalent in the market. As the trends are changing so does the peoples choices and the requirements and in such environment it is very much necessary to have the right guidance and knowledge at the right time. Sometimes, consumers are not very much aware with the latest technologies coming in the market which lead them to make a wrong decision in buying a product. For the right approach one can consider the following points:

First point should be considered is the size if portability is your main priority , then you should buy a notebook which has a very smallish -screen and a light weight and in case of desktop , size is not the issue.

Next thing which you can consider is the RAM – as higher the RAM , higher will be the accessibility of the system at one time as it will allow you to run more number of applications at one time.

One thing which can also be considered is the microprocessor. As these days , if you want to assess processors , then finding out the number of cores and the speed is a good way as it will tell you that how much data can be processed in one time.

Memory – while buying a computer and laptop , then you should know about its memory also as with higher memory you can do a number of tasks like watching videos , create complicated spreadsheets and much more.

Also the storage capacity of the hard drive matters a lot . As whenever you load a program , it get stored in the hard drive . Additionally, your all saved files save here . So, it important to have a hard disk with high storage capacity.


There are many other factors too which also be kept in mind while buying a desktop online but the above mentioned ones should definitely be considered as it will really help the customers to come out of the confusion regarding the necessary features a good and cost – effective laptop or a desktop should have.

How To Buy A Good Quality Laptop Online

Laptops have taken the place of personal computers. They are highly flexible as well as portable and one can work on a laptop anytime, anywhere without any hassle. Gone are the days when people were dependent on personal computers. With a laptop in hand, a person has the freedom to do anything ie to listen songs, play games, work, browse internet etc. anywhere he wants. With the variety of new and refurbished laptop options available online one tends to get confuse and can’t decide what to buy. A person should look out for certain features in a laptop before buying it. A good quality of laptop must be chosen only after considering the below points:



Today so many brands are manufacturing laptops that it is really difficult to decide on which laptop to buy. Popular brands such as Apple, Dell, Hp. Lenovo etc have made a good reputation of themselves in the market. They provide with best quality of laptops online with extraordinary features in them. One must look out for the best deals available in laptops and also see to it that his requirements are met.


For some people especially gamers, coders etc display screen of the laptop matters a lot. They have to specially make sure that the display is of HD quality and thus the screen is of high resolution. The screen size also is important to note.


A laptop must not be bulky. It should be portable enough and should be light in weight so that it could be easily carried around. If a laptop is heavy to carry then it would create problems for a person who travels a lot. Therefore one must make sure that the laptop they choose is slim and sleek as well as light weight.


It is important to note that people store a lot of things in their laptops. Files, pictures, movies, music etc lots of things have to be stored in a laptop and therefore one has to make sure that a laptop he/she buys has a good storage capacity and the hard disk shouldn’t be less than 1 TB.

Buy Best Cheap Laptop Online in India

You must have a worst experience. While in the midst of your work your laptop got crushed, leaving you with no computer to use for research, office work, business, typing out your essay. You need not be worried, there are plenty of Best cheap laptop online so you do not need to spend hours searching from store to store.


If you are looking for a quality but cheap price laptop, today it is easy to get your heart desire as well as at affordable price. Today there are large of online shopping sites that offer laptop at an amazing price. You can choose the budget brands of laptop, the trending brands in the markets are like ASUS, DELL, HP, SAMSUNG, LENOVO and more, and they are easily accessible due to its price. Whether you are a student trying to do some amazing work using a laptop or a professional there are plenty of good gently laptop that works wonders, available at cheap price. Cheap laptops are the best to buy at an affordable price as because they too work as much good as high priced laptop.

Shoppingjinni is one of the India’s leading shopping sites that caters every brand of laptops as per the requirement of the clients. We have large varieties of collections of laptop that offers you wider selection options. For this reason, Shoppingjinni is the first choice for customers looking for cheap laptop price in India. Each of the products is fabricated of genuine quality products offering an amazing shopping experience to every customer.

Laptops and Computers Part of Life Shop Online

Today life is changed completely from what was yesterday and it is changing every day with different faces. A technology which was once considered a thing of luxury but now it has become a necessity for every person. Everyone has become tech depended on. Among all other technology laptop computer has become a part of everyday life. The laptop is a must have tool which reduces the time consumed to complete a work as well as it is also a way for entertainment. Laptop computer helps you connect immediately with your friends, relatives as it comes with a facility to connect wifi or through a modem. If you are planning to own one then laptop computer shopping online is the ideal one. The laptop works with a battery and can be carried easily.


The laptop offers numerous advantages:

Comfort- Laptop offers comfort when it comes to portability. You can carry whenever you are traveling and requires a little space. You can use at home, at workplace, at the cafe, and at the restaurant. The laptop offers the facility to accomplish your work at any place irrespective of your location.

Easy to carry and Handle- Compactibility to carry that requires little space, unlike computer, remain fixed at one one location. Laptops get charged easily and even when there is no power you can use longer than computer provided it is charged.

Ports, USB, HDD, Ethernet- Laptop offers with the facility to port, use USB, ethernet whenever you need. You choose to use them as per your requirement.

Storage- You can storage any amount of favorite music, movies, and videos. Offers enough memory that helps better system performance and sufficient. You can installed all our necessary required applications.

Shoppingjinni is a leading online market that has a large collection of laptop computers, gadgets, and accessories. To browse through our collection you can visit our website.