A Unique Selling Idea is What Your Business Stands For

Ecommerce has turned into a lifestyle in India. Once only used by the tech savvy persons to buy things not available in the neighborhood market, it has now turned out to be omnipresent, because of a surge in internet usage, and some substantial advertising by the e-commerce marketers.

Let any uncertainty about the troublesome idea of digital shopping, a chance to let it go. It’s a fact that Amazon’s e-commerce business and its delivery innovation are taking over the brick and mortar and if retailers can’t keep up, they remain to lose customers who are progressively disposed to browse through the products and purchase online.

Ecommerce in India is currently changing the market scenario. One such platform is Shoppingjinni, an online destination of unique and inventive products. A typical e-commerce platform focuses on increasing product sales, whereas ShoppingJinni eye on launching unique products and provide a high market visibility along with sales at low cost. Also, help products become brands of tomorrow. You can scour amazing products with traits of newness which are also perfect as great gifting option. Shoppers apart from buying products can also provide unique and innovative items.

Brick-and-mortar shopping is yet preferable when customers need to touch, try out things before they buy them. Stores remain the favored shopping channel for family. But most items have reached the online shopping tipping point, where a more prominent number of shoppers like to shop online like from the online electronics store.

In online, competition is fierce than ever. This is why it is important to figure out what to sell and its strategy. Selling unique, innovative, pre-commerce and limited edition items should be the prior concern of the e-commerce players in the market. Currently, the term reverse innovation is also used in this regard, which means it is an innovation seen or used first in the developing world, before spreading to the industrialized world.

So, here’s why you should sell unique products?

What could be a superior differentiator than offering items that nobody else is offering? Obviously, your unique and innovative item ought to be the kind that individuals need to purchase, i.e., your items ought to be great novel, not terrible one of a kind. Here are a few reasons stating why:

  • You may make handcraft products, but when it comes to scale up the business, you would need to figure out how to get a similar item handcrafted by others.
  • You may manufacture the item however it may not really be hand crafted.
  • You may source items that are hard to source. These would not be one of a kind, but rather could be hard to source.

wearable gadgetsIt should not only be the case for a particular item, but as a whole for every product. Say for example robotics, next generation products, new games and toys, gift & flowers, musical instruments, musical CD’s, cars & bikes, vintage collections, electronics & wearable’s, home needs and the list goes on.

Offering unique items is a good way to fashion a unique brand. Most of the sellers in this category make the products they sell themselves, with the exception of providing something different not found in another similar innovation. Electronic stores are working hard to provide their customers something unique not found in any other online electronics store. Most are made and planned to make you life much easy yet a few of the items are to improve your home or office and to make your life significantly less demanding and safer and technologically more developed. These innovative items can change your lifestyle; enables you to remain one step ahead in this modern world- sometimes by keeping an eye on your house when you are away and sometimes even by anticipating their behavior and spotting unknown activities when you are alone at home.

Every product that is registered in ShoppingJinni is promoted with keeping in mind the pre-commerce strategy and the power of digital technology. We do an extensive research on the competitive market so that innovations and original ideas reach the national and global audience. For people who need top innovative products site for gifts & gadgets, home, offices, niche products; ShoppingJinni Launchpad designed for startups and entrepreneurs like you to launch new brands and scalable innovative product solution. Innovator, with selling rights to Shopping Jinni, will get early market penetration, brand visibility with low product launch cost and feedback. Ecommerce in India – sell your innovation, invention and original products. Well, anyone who is an innovator, retailer, artisan, merchant wholesaler or a manufacturer can register and sell instantly.

If you have encountered any new inventions or innovations you think should be added to the list, feel free to suggest, but keep in mind that it has a website so that individuals know more about it, and a nice photo of the invention.