Unique Product Launchpad in India

Ecommerce_Platform_in_IndiaLaunch your collection of unique and innovative products in an easy way with ShoppingJinni. ShoppingJinni is a unique items shopping site and also a platform where passionate entrepreneurs and start-ups come to launch their amazing products and unique items. We have been adding online unique items and innovative products for our million consumers to our inventory from time to time so that they can buy innovative products. Here, millions of consumers visit everyday looking to buy exclusive, inventive and innovative products. Thus, the prospect to get noticed of your product is more with us compared to other platforms.

Many entrepreneurs and individuals give up their dream to launch their innovative products either due to lack of proper launchpad or guidance. But if you have come this far and searching for a unique items site then why not give a boost to your dream to launch your product with ShoppingJinni and get connected to millions of customers. ShoppingJinni is a destination for people who love to buy or sell innovative products at attractive prices.

Launching a product with us is simply easy. We have dedicated a launchpad page for start-ups and entrepreneurs that will help them to accelerate their product launch. We are helping aspiring entrepreneurs to become their product a brand of tomorrow and also help build their success story.

Associating with us has the following advantages:

  • Ready market product
  • Overcome the typical hurdles while launching product
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Sell your products to the existing customers of ShoppingJinni instantly
  • Expand your business

Launchpad Advantage

So, do not give a second thought and just list your innovation in our Unique Items Shopping category. We are here to help you realize your dream. Just get started by following the easy steps to launch your product visibility. Once your listed innovative products are accepted into the programme, you can quickly get started with ShoppingJinni launchpad. For more information and details please contact us @ 9212779988, 9818388747.

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Explore The Most Favourite Online Shopping Site In India

Want to sell your unique innovation? Try us! Whenever you think of an online shopping site in India where an assortment of unique and innovative products are easily available then think of ShoppingJinni! The delight of selling and shopping unusual products is only with us. On an everyday basis, we receive hundreds of queries and orders from people who have a deep interest in buying and owning products that are fancy in design and features. And we truly appreciate that people are showing interest in innovative products that are ‘Made in India’. We are trying our best to ensure that innovators or creative minds come to our website and exhibit their innovations in front of the world.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ShoppingJinni is no less than a community of innovative minds where people share creative ideas. And the sheer simplicity to register and sell products at attractive price is turning us to a sizeable-store. For sellers, the good news is that people are keen to see your unique creations.

We are a launch pad! Yes, with us, you can launch your unique products and connect your creation to millions of people who are keen to buy them. So, Register with us now and come closer to the world!

If you are on a shopping spree then browse our categories and find stunning innovations! Among the variety of unique products available with us, you will surely fall in love with our electronic products. The exclusive assemblage of innovative electronic products has made us one of the best online shopping sites for electronics. Some of our unique collection are Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Ematic HD Touch Screen with FM Radio HDMI Out Voice Recorder that are not easily accessible in the other e-commerce sites.

ShoppingJinni makes every effort to bring new ideas to our customers. We also try to reach and encourage creative minds to come and join us in this concurrence. We have developed ourselves in all these years and happy to state that we have made our services and customer experience better based on the insights. ShoppingJinni is making every effort to be the India’s best ecommerce site where you could find innovative products. And when you keep coming back we are really encouraged to do better your experience in ShoppingJinni.

Buy Best Cheap Laptop Online in India

You must have a worst experience. While in the midst of your work your laptop got crushed, leaving you with no computer to use for research, office work, business, typing out your essay. You need not be worried, there are plenty of Best cheap laptop online so you do not need to spend hours searching from store to store.


If you are looking for a quality but cheap price laptop, today it is easy to get your heart desire as well as at affordable price. Today there are large of online shopping sites that offer laptop at an amazing price. You can choose the budget brands of laptop, the trending brands in the markets are like ASUS, DELL, HP, SAMSUNG, LENOVO and more, and they are easily accessible due to its price. Whether you are a student trying to do some amazing work using a laptop or a professional there are plenty of good gently laptop that works wonders, available at cheap price. Cheap laptops are the best to buy at an affordable price as because they too work as much good as high priced laptop.

Shoppingjinni is one of the India’s leading shopping sites that caters every brand of laptops as per the requirement of the clients. We have large varieties of collections of laptop that offers you wider selection options. For this reason, Shoppingjinni is the first choice for customers looking for cheap laptop price in India. Each of the products is fabricated of genuine quality products offering an amazing shopping experience to every customer.